We offer a wide range of workshops and workshop series throughout the academic year, meeting the needs of students and academics in architecture and architecture related areas such as urban design, interior design, arts and architecture,  and in the interdisciplinary areas such as sociology, philosophy, engineering and so forth. Some of our workshops are designed according to the agenda of SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture, while others designed due to the requirements of the private and public-sector organisations in order to suit their programmes.

In addition to our SPACE Workshops which are announced yearly and Bespoke Workshops, we are in communication with different institutional patterns and individual/collective actions in order to organise Joint-Workshops. As soon as workshop partnerships are developed, announcements will be done through our website. If you have Joint-Workshop ideas, please contact us to discuss.

Bespoke Workshops

SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture offers high-quality, innovative and cost effective bespoke workshops for you/your organisation and/or group, in architecture, planning, urban design and all other architecture related areas across a wide range of subjects which can be as listed below but not limited to:

Subjects we can offer
  • Architectural culture and daily life,
  • Urban design,
  • Housing,
    Architectural design,
  • Housing policy,
  • Architectural history,
  • Building and construction,
  • Building and construction management,
  • Sustainability,
  • Urbanisation,
  • Urbanisation policy,
  • Arts and architecture,
  • Planning,
  • Planning policy,
  • Mapping,
  • Sustainable environments, and so forth…

Our Bespoke Workshops are not ready products. To clarify, all of them are designed according to the professional and/or personal needs of individual participants. So they provide opportunities to improve all aspects of related subjects. Additionally, you may wish to work in a private group and/or to accommodate a specific schedule. On the other hand, your preference can be to personalise the workshops which have already been announced to general audience by SPACE Studies according to your needs. Therefore, collaboration is definitely the key feature to the success of the bespoke workshops. In this context, we would be pleased to come and discuss your requirements with you. Likewise, please note that each bespoke workshop is tailored to your individual/institutional needs, and pricing varies based on workshop duration, location and other factors.

Please contact us in order to inform us about your interest in our Bespoke Workshops and to get more information on fees and scheduling.