The organisational structure of SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture is designed according to its priorities. The company is conscious of importance of acting in tune with individuals, institutions, organizations, cultures, and societies world wide in order to develop and disseminate the knowledge of architecture and planning, and transferable studies in research and education for the public benefit. In this respect, with an interdisciplinary approach and social responsibility, SPACE works as an independent academic platform that aims to put these main goals into practice. Thus is conducting a series of studies which are academic organisations, research, publications, academic consultancy and providing academic service to educational and research institutions due to its organisational structure. For the very reason, SPACE place emphasis on partnerships for establishing collaborative researches, organisations, publications, events and joint workshops.

Academic Organisations

As SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture is established with a mission to build multi-layered bridges through space and architecture, the company aims to strengthen the ties between different disciplines and the society. In this context, we actualise academic organisations such as conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions is one of the main activities of SPACE. By this means, SPACE establishes a platform for conducting collaborations with universities, schools, researchers, students and society. For more information, you can read conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions.


SPACE aims to be in tune with international agenda as well as national agenda and policy on the built environment and aims deliberately to address public and professional needs. In this respect SPACE, aspires and works for this target to involve in a wide variety of research activities associated with all aspects of architecture and the built environment. Therefore, the company will undertake several related projects that are commissioned by the central and/or local government, government agencies, universities, research institutes / centers, the private sector and charitable bodies, and international agencies in the near future. You can follow us on this subject from our research projects link.


SPACE disseminates its research and academic activities through a mix of print and electronic media. SPACE Studies Publications includes books, articles in peer-reviewed journals, journals, newspapers and started its journey in 2018.  You can see the list of publications in our publications link.

Academic Consultancy

SPACE Studies of Planing and Architecture provides academic consultancy in the field of architecture, planning and urban design to architectural offices as well as companies in the construction sector. Moreover, SPACE has protocols with experienced academics who are well equipped in implementation. So, let us crown your high standards with our academic experience. Likewise, we give support to the students in Higher Education, especially in their researches. We design special learning period according to their professional needs and provide opportunities to improve all aspects of their subjects. Hence, they study hard, we accompany their career. If you are a student who is looking for new perspectives in your research, let us stand by you. For all your consultancy requires, you can either call us or contact us through our website in order to make an appointment.

Services: Proofreading Services, Online Shop

SPACE Proofreading Services are mainly established for academic documents such as articles, journal papers, literature reviews, research papers, essays, thesis, reports, dissertations, academic books and so forth which are written in English. We offer some pre-submission manuscript preparation services to help academics and students increase the impact of their research by improving the quality of the manuscript in terms of proofreading and editing, plagiarism check, manuscript formatting, artwork formatting and pre-review. You can check Proofreading Services for details.

SPACE Shop was established at the beginning of 2020 and all SPACE Publications can be found in the shop. In December 2020, SPACE started to sell SPACE Handmade Goods as well. The products including prices can be seen on SPACE Shop page. 

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